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Educational Programs at FOL

Education Programs

The Education Committee sponsored by Friends of the Fernandina Beach Library has one purpose:  to help inform the community about services and opportunities available in our area.  Topics range from learning new computer skills to becoming familiar with medical/health issues that impact society.  The committee offers workshops and presentations, free to the community, that are led by experts in the field.  The goal is awareness and knowledge of the many people and services provided in Nassau County.

How to Sign-Up!

Step 1: Inform yourself!

Find out more by going to the Calendar to see when and what type of programs are offered. You can also visit the Library Website for more details.

Step 2: Get in touch

Many of the programs are free of charge. It does not hurt to contact the Library or program coordinator to find out details of the session and to let them know that you are interested to attend.

Step 3: Sign Up!

Not all events and programs are free. Some of them require a reservation and or a ticket. Most tickets are available online or at the Fernandina Beach Library.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Learning is a wonderful thing. As Susan Steger, former mayor, so beautifully put: “Libraries allow universal access to information – an important benefit when difficult economic conditions limit the amount of information available to many who are struggling.

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